Tapered — Soft Long- TSL (Qty. 500)


Package of 500

Black Tapered-Edge Brush for Inaccessible Areas
Brush Specifications:
• Works well with small and medium preps with a longer bristle reach
• 60º cut, 19mm
• Soft bristles
• Fits standard brush handles
• Saves time with accurate placement of material

Additional Benefits & Specifications
• Works great with 9TCL as a coded pair for etching and bonding
• Accurate placement of material in inaccessible areas
• Handles hard to reach areas
• Even flow applications

Free Dentabrush Brush Handle in every order!

“I like them because I can control material in an inaccessible areas.” -Dr. Lynn H.

“I like that I can control the scotchbond universal that requires 20 seconds of surface rubbing.” -Dr. Terry F.