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"Consistent Quality" - "Well Priced" - "Can't find Anywhere Else"

  • Composite brushes - 7¢
  • Procedure Designed / Accurate Placement of Solutions
  • Made in the USA of Dupoint Nylon
  • Free shipping, no tax! 
  • Guaranteed

Welcome to DentaBrush

Does your composite brush do the best job for your application?

DentaBrush offers high quality, low cost composite brushes—perfect for accurate application of bonding resins, etching, sealants or ortho. We offer 11 different brushes, each custom-designed for specific procedures. Whatever the procedure, we have the right brush for you—each brush is 100% guaranteed.


Please contact us if you need help determining which brush best fits your needs.

Need brush handles? Our brush handles fit all leading brush types.

  • As low as 7¢ per brush, FREE shipping included! 
  • Made in the USA of Dupont Nylon
  • Brushes fit all standard handles
  • Internet only 
  • 30 years of repeat business