Made in USA

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Made from Dupont Nylon

Fits all Handles


Medium Stiff Brush, Tapered Large Preps, Good All-Around Use
"Love 'em, works great!"

TS & TC:

TS- Black Bristle, TC- Clear Bristle
Tapered Soft, Class V, Small Preps
"Right length & flexibility."


Medium Stiff Brush, Flat Brush
Favorite for bonding resins, etching and sealing


TSL- Black Bristle, TCL- Clear Bristle
Bonding Agent
Good for RCT
"Controls materials in otherwise inaccessible areas."

Brush Handles

Composite Brushes Work for YOU

Easy to Use, Flexible,
Gets into Surface & Grooves that Sponges Miss

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Made in the USA

Wholesale Orders
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Build a Kit

Multi-Purpose Composite Brushes

Multiple Preps, Deep Class II, Class V
Desensitization, Root Canals

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Save $$$, Time and Material!

Accurate placement saves you time, our bristles use less material.